A Reflection on Father’s Day

Ethan Wayne and Finn Wayne, photo courtesy of John Wayne Enterprises

Ethan Wayne and Finn Wayne, photo courtesy of John Wayne Enterprises

In recent weeks, there have been several dates that reflect the memory of John Wayne.  May 26th, the 110th birthday of John Wayne, June 11th, the anniversary of his death and June 14th, Flag Day and Father’s Day. Father’s Day, is a day that brings memories of my father and all the years of his lessons when we were together.  Whether it was a lesson in packing the car for a movie set, handling a gun, life on board the Wild Goose or being situationally aware around a movie set or livestock on the ranch, my dad taught me how to live life, respect American values and give back.  Reflecting on Father’s Day, I want to talk with you about how he continues to give back—even today.

This year, Men’s Health Week coincides with Father’s Day, which inspires me to not only pay attention to my health, but more importantly, to reaffirm the commitment of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation (JWCF) in the fight against cancer. It is anticipated that by the year 2030, there will be more than 21 million cancer cases globally.  Researchers, caregivers and educators are working hard to find a cure and give the best possible health care to patients and families.  But collectively, what can be done to further progress, to support those currently battling cancer and to honor individuals like my dad who lost his battle to cancer?

We are asking our supporters to participate this month in our #ShowYourGrit campaign.  Grab a cowboy hat, a bandana or your favorite western wear and snap a selfie.  Upload it to your social media and share it with us tagging friends and family.  Uploads translate to dollars donated by campaign sponsors.  These dollars will go directly for the work of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.  Or, if you want to learn more or donate directly, go to www.johnwayne.org.  Join John Wayne this month as we emphasize the importance of men’s health and celebrate the men in our lives.

My father was a world-renown actor, a leader in his community and a wonderful dad!  His movies live on and his character and value set continue to inspire people.  This month, as we honor my dad and all men – #ShowYourGrit – and help us continue his fight against cancer.