Nomad: Designing a Home for Escape and Adventure by Emma Reddington

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Hit the road! A new tome will have you wandering off in no time.

Written by Jennifer Thornton

When he wasn’t on location for a film, John Wayne found a happy place on his boat Wild Goose, where he could flex his muscles for fishing and life’s everyday indulgences out of the spotlight. Given Duke’s love of the great outdoors, he would find the stories of freedom-seeking featured in this book inspiring—tales of folks pulling up stakes to, among other pursuits, build a tiny house, swap big city life for boat life, and join the “Tin-Can Campers” in Moab. Featuring the stories of life on the road—in comfortable and stylish quarters, to boot—is a worthy detour this summer.

Buy now on Amazon. Proceeds benefit the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.