I Love Lucy Remastered

CBS is bringing back I Love Lucy for one special night. A re-broadcasting of two back-to-back episodes from season 5 of the series, originally broadcast in October of 1955, “Lucy Visits Grauman’s” and “Lucy and John Wayne,” are the show’s more iconic episodes.

John Wayne was one of many movie stars who had guest spots on I Love Lucy during the episodes that were set in Hollywood. The two consecutive episodes guest star John Wayne as a fictional version of himself and have been edited together to tell one complete story. (Previously they have only aired separately.) Each episode has been remastered and colorized and will be presented on Friday, May 20th.

Episode recap:

“Lucy Visits Grauman’s” finds Lucy visiting Hollywood’s famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, where Lucy discovers that the cement slab containing John Wayne’s footprints has come loose. Lucy thinks it would be a fabulous souvenir to take home, if only she can come up with a way to take it without being caught.

In “Lucy and John Wayne,” Lucy must find a way to replace the pilfered footprints. Ricky tries to help by calling John Wayne, but as usual with Lucy, the seemingly simple task of replicating the footprints becomes a comedy of errors.

Casey Holland