How To Repel Mosquitos

The animal responsible for the most misery in humanity’s history isn’t the lion, tiger or even the bear—it’s the humble mosquito. These little bloodsuckers spread an arsenal of diseases causing debilitation and death, so don’t think wanting to avoid a mosquito bite is a sign of weakness. It’s an indication of your intelligence as an independent man of action ready to combat any threat. Here’s how to keep these potentially deadly pests away from you.


Although this isn’t a natural repellent, it’s a very important tip that can help you in any case, even if you brought your repellent. Make sure you dress appropriately. Cover your arms and legs in order to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors, so try to wear lighter colors while camping. They’re also not able to see yellow, which makes it a useful fashion choice.


Most people believe the smoke from a campfire contains magical properties that drive mosquitoes away. Most people are wrong. Your run-of-the-mill smoke from normal kindling won’t do much to deter the insect, but if you happen upon some eucalyptus or citriodora plants, throw them into the inferno—the smoke from these plants helps keep the bugs away, according to certain studies.


Do you emerge from a shower smelling like a Valentine’s Day bouquet? Mosquitoes are attracted to strong sweet scents, so avoid washing up with fragrant soaps and shampoos. Just don’t avoid bathing altogether, or else it won’t just be insects that avoid you.

This post was derived from “The Official Handybook for Men” by James Ellis. For more handy tips, you can purchase the book from our online store.