Marisa Wayne’s Facebook Q&A

Photo courtesy of John Wayne Enterprises

Photo courtesy of John Wayne Enterprises

This past week, we hosted a Facebook Q&A session with John Wayne’s youngest daughter, Marisa Wayne. Marisa received over 900 questions from fans in the 30 minute session, and wanted to share her thoughts on some she missed. Check out the series below to get an insight on John Wayne through the eyes of his daughter, Marisa.

Do you and all your siblings have any idea just how much your father is loved and admired by everyone in this country?

Thank you!! It’s very cool to know he was loved by so many.

Did your father sing to his kids, spontaneously, just for fun?

I remember his big, loud, boisterous voice and I loved it! It gives me chills when I hear him sing in certain movies and he would also whistle, especially the theme to The High and the Mighty every time we would board a plane. Such a character!

What was his favorite topic to discuss?

Oh boy. He would love a good political discussion, but also loved current events, sports and history.

What is your funniest memory of your dad?

He was a practical joker. When we were living in London, we had a 4-story home and he gave my sister the room on the top floor and he told her it was “supposedly” haunted. After everyone was asleep, he would wake me up and we would sneak in there and tilt the paintings on the walls and move stuff around. She would freak out in the a.m. and come running down the stairs, and he would say she was being ridiculous and he and I would laugh about it.

If you could ask your fad one more question what would it be? 

I don’t know. I would just like to be with him and watch the sunset and hold his hand. I wish he knew my kids, but there is nothing I feel the need to ask him because he demonstrated so much through his work and lifestyle and excellent parenting.

Did he have a nickname for you?

It was “precious,” until I hit him accidentally with a gold club. After that he called me “9-iron!”

Is there any personal item or thing of your father’s that you carry at all times or keep in a special place?

I have a post card he wrote me from Singapore framed on my nightstand.

What was the best advice he ever gave you?

Don’t hurry, don’t worry and don’t forget to smell the flowers! Also, keep moving forward. Everyone makes mistakes, but you just have to learn from them and move ahead. Don’t dwell on the past.

When you hear people talk of your father with such respect and honor how does that make you feel?

Proud and happy.

Marisa thanks all fans who participated for their thoughtful questions and love of John Wayne. To follow Marisa Wayne’s public page click this link and don’t forget to follow the Official John Wayne Facebook page here!