A Look Inside Volume 13

On newsstands now, the latest issue of John Wayne: the Official Collector’s Edition is all about John Wayne’s words of wisdom, tough talk and life lessons. We’ve asked Senior Editor, James Ellis to give our fans insight on how this issue was put together.

When it comes to John Wayne, there’s a whole lot of the legend for his fans to love. The classic movies he starred in. His unabashed patriotism. His common sense, tell-it-like-it-is attitude. These aspects of Duke’s greatness live on today, mainly in the plainspoken words uttered by the man himself and recorded in history. And while nobody would argue John Wayne’s all-American drawl wasn’t part of his timeless appeal, it’s the content of what he said that make his words so legendary. Never a man to beat around the bush, John Wayne always cut straight to the heart of the matter, whether he was jawing with friends about the state of the country he loved, dispensing some heartfelt advice to his children, or nailing a poignant scene in one of his beloved films. At a time where we as a country seem to agree on less and less, it was an easy choice to dedicate the next issue of the Official John Wayne Collector’s Edition to the words of a man who brought so many of us together as Americans.

What wasn’t easy was winnowing down Duke’s countless pearls of wisdom into a selection that would fit in the magazine. Everyone in the office has their favorite John Wayne quote (well, quotes, if we’re being honest) and they all wanted to give them a place of prominence. In the end, we focused on the subjects most important to the man himself—family and friends, America, and his work in Hollywood. Researching the John Wayne archives and rewatching many of his classic films, we were able to put together a collection Duke’s wisdom and wit that stands the test of time. We hope when you read through the pages, the love and care we took with his legacy shines through. But most of all, we hope you take with you a little bit of what made John Wayne so special into your everyday life. Because we could all stand to be a little more like Duke.


John Wayne: His Words of Wisdom is available wherever magazines are purchased and on OnNewsstandsNow.com

Casey Holland