A Look Inside Volume 10

At John Wayne Enterprises, one of our favorite things we get to work on is the John Wayne: Official Collector’s Edition magazine by Topix Media. Our latest issue, Volume 10, is the complete guide to all of Duke’s films, ranked and rated by fans. We’ve asked Senior Editor, James Ellis to give a behind the scenes look on how he approached the arduous task of ranking John Wayne’s films.

“Anyone can tell the difference between a good movie and one that’s not. What’s trickier is trying to rank dozens upon dozens of movies that aren’t just good, but great. But Duke never turned away from a task, no matter how tough, and we kept that in mind as we tackled ranking all of John Wayne’s films for Volume 10 of the Official John Wayne Collector’s Edition.

We started by asking the people who love and know Duke’s films the best: the fans. Fortunately for us, it’s tougher to find someone who doesn’t love John Wayne’s movies than it is to come across someone who doesn’t enjoy the stone-cold classics the man put out year after year for decades. We reached out to thousands of fans through social media (not to mention our own friends and family) to sort out which of Duke’s movies were the ones people kept returning to again and again. After collecting endless opinions and arguments on which film deserved the rank of #1, we looked at a variety of other factors—critical consensus, how well the film performed at the box office, how much of the movie featured John Wayne to name a few—to decide how to make the tough call. The process wasn’t always pretty. Two editors almost came to blows over where True Grit should fall in the ranking. But in the end, everyone agreed with the math and evidence that put Rio Bravo on the top of the heap. Strong arguments can be made that The Searchers or Stagecoach may be more important, but the fast-paced action and fun of Rio Bravo secured its status as the one John Wayne movie you would take with you on a desert island. We realize not everyone might agree. But that’s part of the fun of putting together these lists. Think of it as starting a conversation Duke himself would have enjoyed.”

Available on newsstands now!

Available on newsstands now!

James Ellis, Senior Editor at the Official John Wayne Collector's Edition


Casey Holland