Episode 23 – Travis Tritt





Today’s guest is the legendary Travis Tritt! Travis is a Grammy award winning country music icon. He is also a husband, a father, a songwriter, an actor, a proud American, and we are also lucky enough to call him a friend of the John Wayne team.

On this episode, Ethan and Travis talk about Travis’ career and how he connects with his audience. He knows the people that listen to him are hardworking Americans who are resilient and he wants to give them music to listen to which is similar to the way John Wayne connected with his audience through film.

He also tells Ethan about his dedication to his home state of Georgia. He draws inspiration from being able to drive down to his high school or on the roads he grew up on. Also in Georgia is his family. Travis talks about how close his family is and credits his wife for instilling a big love of family in to their children, which is something John Wayne passed along to his family too.

Travis really embodies a lot of the same values that were important to John Wayne. He is one of the nicest, genuine, and down-to-earth people and we think you guys will really enjoy listening to this episode!

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