Episode 19 – Ricky Bolin





In the western world, there’s a saying “all hat and no cattle” which basically means someone is all talk but lacking the experience…. Well, Ricky Bolin is the opposite of this saying! He not only runs some of the most iconic western hat brands but he truly lives the western lifestyle.

Ricky Bolin is the President of Hatco which is the parent brand for iconic hat brands like Stetson, Charlie 1 Horse, Resistol, but he started out bullriding in Mesquite, Texas. He made the NFR several times in his life and was one of the first riders to get sponsored and opened the doors for other riders.

John Wayne worked his way up from being a propman’s assistant to a leading actor and Ricky has that same drive. After he stopped bullriding, he got a job working at an outlet store for Resistol then worked his way up to being the President of Hatco.

Ethan and Ricky also discuss the values of the western community and how those values are regaining popularity.  How do you make a deal with George Strait, one of the biggest country music legends in the world? With a handshake. That’s the classic western values that Ricky and his team are keeping alive today.

This is a really fun interview with an interesting person and great friend of John Wayne Enterprise, we hope you enjoy!

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