Episode 14 – Richard Childress





If you’re a racing fan, then you know Richard Childress. Richard is a former NASCAR driver, the current owner of Richard Childress Racing, the owner of Childress Wineries, a wildlife conservationist, and advocate for child trauma with The Childress Institute of Pediatric Trauma.

Ethan and Richard talk about the people that helped steer them in the right direction after losing their fathers at a young age. Richard also talks about guiding his grandsons through the world of social media and giving them traditional values. They then discuss how John Wayne’s films impact the younger generations and give them a positive role model to look up to. Richard’s grandson, Austin Dillon, is not only the driver of the RCR Cowboy Channel/John Wayne car but he is also a huge John Wayne fan who grew up looking up to Duke.

Richard also talks about the different moments in his life that made an impact and how believing in the American dream got him to where he is now.

Hunting is a passion of Richards. That passion started out when he was a young kid and was born out of necessity. That passion has taken him all over the world and also brought him into funding nature conservation. His other passions include the Childress Winery, his Wildlife conservation museum, Auto Racing museum with 43 Dale Earnhardt cars, and The Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma.

Trauma is the number 1 killer of children in America and The Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma discovers and shares the best way to prevent and treat severe injuries in children. The Institute funds research, education and advocacy to help improve the care and treatment injured kids receive across the US.

He also talks about losing his friend, Dale Earnhardt, and how that has changed the racing industry and how they changed the approach to safety in racing.

Listen to the end of podcast to hear Richard tell a story about how he protected his family from intruders.

If you like John Wayne and his values, we think you will really enjoy this episode with Richard Childress!

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