Episode 11 – Pam Minick




What doesn’t Pam Minick do?

Pam is such a pillar in the Fort Worth Community and was a huge help in helping John Wayne: An American Experience make it’s home in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Pam and Ethan Wayne sit down to talk all about Pam’s background in the western community, starting with her early days growing up in Las Vegas and how she convinced her parents to get her a horse so she could start competing in the rodeo. Pam’s passion led her to becoming Miss Rodeo America 1973, the Women’s World Champion Calf Roper, and the first women to announce a major professional rodeo.

Pam and Ethan also discuss their love of Fort Worth, which is the new home to John Wayne: An American Experience. Pam came to Fort Worth and walked the cobblestone streets of the Stockyards and immediately felt at home. They also discuss the preservation of the Stockyards to keep the history alive for generations to come.

Pam and her husband, Billy, also took over Billy Bob’s, the world’s largest honky tonk. She talks about bringing Billy Bob’s back from bankruptcy and taking over the marketing. Billy Bob’s has seen artists like George Strait, Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Miranda Lambert, Ringo Starr, and more!

Pam is extremely passionate about Fort Worth and the western community and is such an amazing leader that has helped John Wayne make Fort Worth their home. This is a really fun episode and we are so lucky to have a friend like Pam Minick!