Episode 04 – Marisa Wayne




What’s it like seeing your dad get shot on a huge screen? Terrifying. That’s what happens when you’re John Wayne’s daughter! On this week’s episode of the John Wayne Gritcast, Ethan Wayne talks with little sister, Marisa Wayne.

The two talk about growing up in Newport Beach with their iconic father and then what life was like after losing him. Marisa shares some of her favorite memories with her dad, including attending his last Oscars appearance with him.

Marisa also shares some of the lessons her father taught her. Including how to treat people around you and what happens when you don’t clean your room on the Wild Goose!

The two enjoy some laughs sharing old memories at Ethan’s kitchen table. Find out how they reconnected after their father passed away, some of their favorite foods that remind them of their dad, and what kind of babysitter Ethan was to Marisa’s children!