Episode 10 – Dr. Maheswari Senthil




This week we are honored to be sitting down with Dr. Maheswari Senthil. Dr. Senthil is the Program Director for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation Fellowship program at UCI and the Director Peritoneal Malignancy Program.

 Ethan Wayne sits down with Dr. Senthil to speak about her background and the different ways she, and her colleagues, are helping the fight against cancer.

 Dr. Senthil grew up in India where she knew she wanted to be a surgeon from a very young age, following in her mother’s footsteps. She goes through how she decided to become a surgeon and the steps it took to become an expert in her field.

 Ethan and Dr. Senthil also talk about what we can do to help support the doctors that are on the front lines researching pioneering ways to fight cancer.

This is a great episode to learn more about how John Wayne Cancer Foundation’s impact on the fight against cancer and how doctors like Dr. Senthil and her team are helping fight this terrible disease.

More information on John Wayne Cancer Foundation here: www.johnwayne.org