Episode 15 – David Corso





The Gritcast headed out to Pioneertown, California to meet up with our friend, David Corso! Ethan connected with David in 2020 while planning our John Wayne Grit Series Pioneertown run that benefits the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. On this episode, Ethan and David are also joined by our Race Director, Molly Kassouf, and the two sit down with David to get his interesting life story

David owns a marketing group that integrates activations for brands and in 1999 got connected with Coachella founder and was asked to help bring brands in to sponsor the event and create activations for the guests. Talk about John Wayne Grit, David went from handing out paper tickets to help drive attendance to the festival and now the festival ticket demands are so high, it is a two weekend event and tickets sell out quickly.

David and Ethan also bond over their love of Pioneertown, a town that was once used as a set for westerns and is located outside of Palm Springs in the high desert. David talks about what drew him to Pioneertown and after purchasing it, his plans to keep the Pioneertown charm.

Cancer is such a big story in John Wayne’s legacy and David was also affected by the disease when his brother was diagnosed. His brother’s one wish was to be able to spend his final days with their mom so after failed attempts to get an ambulance across state lines, David loaded his brother up and the two road tripped back to New Orleans so his brother could be closer to their mother.

David has been such a good friend to the John Wayne family and has really helped the fight against cancer with his contributions to the John Wayne Grit Series. This is a really fun interview with Ethan, Molly, and David, we hope you enjoy!

Learn more about Corso Marketing Group here: https://www.corsomg.com/

 Learn more about the John Wayne Grit Series here: johnwayne.org/jwgs