Episode 06 – Bob O’Hill




 When John Wayne asks if you want to go to Mexico on the Wild Goose… you go.

Bob O’Hill is another very close Wayne family friend. His older sister, Koi, was best friends with John Wayne’s wife, Pilar. Bob was around for a lot of fun adventures in Newport and on the Wild Goose and has an amazing memory full of great stories!

We are lucky enough to have Marisa Wayne join in on this episode, as well. Bob takes us all the way back to his very first memory with John Wayne. He tells stories of driving in the station wagon (that’s on display now at John Wayne: An American Experience) and Duke’s more playful side.

 What was it like sharing your opposing political views with Duke during contentious times, like the Vietnam war? You might be surprised to hear Bob’s answer. He remembers Duke being genuinely curious as to Bob’s views and not judging him or putting him down for having a different opinion.

In this episode, you really get a good understanding of the type of man John Wayne was behind closed doors and we hope you enjoy listening to all of Bob’s great memories with him!