Episode 09 – Alice Johnson McKinney




Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of Thanksgiving, our guest on this week’s John Wayne Gritcast is Alice Johnson McKinney! Alice was married to John Wayne’s 26 Bar Ranch partner, Louis Johnson. Each Thanksgiving, the Wayne family would head to Casa Grande, AZ for the annual cattle sale so we’re very lucky to have Alice on this Thanksgiving episode.

Alice and her late husband, Louis Johnson, were two of Duke’s most treasured friends. She even loaned one of John Wayne’s custom station wagons that he kept on the ranch to John Wayne: An American Experience, our museum in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

In this podcast, Alice tells Ethan how Duke and Louis’ partnership in 26 Bar began, including how she and Louis brought back the ranch from $44 Million in debt! She also reminisces on the more lighthearted times with Duke, including being invited to the Oscars.