Licensing – John Wayne


Wayne Enterprises is the sole and exclusive grantee from John Wayne during his lifetime (in 1979) of all commercial merchandising and allied rights relating to the use of his Name, Likeness, Signature, Voice or Photographs and is so registered as the successor-in-interest with the office of the Secretary of State of California in accordance with the requirements of California Civil Code Section 990, and its successor legislation under Civil Code Section 3344. Wayne Enterprises also is the owner of numerous federal and international trademarks for the mark “JOHN WAYNE” and “DUKE”.


Wayne Enterprises’ mission is to preserve and protect the name, likeness and image of JOHN WAYNE by associating the John Wayne brand with quality and timeless products and experiences that embody the spirit of John Wayne and give back to the community.


Wayne Enterprises enters into selective¬†merchandising licensing agreements for the JOHN WAYNE name and likeness, and the Duke nickname. In addition, Wayne Enterprises also has and continues to enter into selective¬†licensing agreements for the naming of public facilities and institutions (including the John Wayne Airport and the John Wayne Marina in Sequim Bay, Washington), and pubic safety vehicles (including the DUKE Fire Engine for Catalina Island, DUKE I and DUKE II helicopters for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and the U.S. Army’s DUKE Helicopter).


Wayne Enterprises also has and continues to actively support cancer research, treatment, and education. In this pursuit Wayne Enterprises was involved in the creation of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation (, and has licensed the name to the John Wayne Cancer Institute ( in Souther California, and the John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary.






Companies wishing to become a Licensee should have market presence and the ability to generate exposure nationally or internationally.

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Wayne Enterprises will consider clearance requests to use stills or clips of John Wayne in TV, Film, and publications.

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If you have a licensing request that falls outside of these categories, please fill out the contact form below and describe the nature of your request.