The Searchers – John Wayne

The Searchers

The Searchers

The SearchersAnnouncement Date : Jan 1 , 1956

John Ford and John Wayne are one of the great actor/director collaborations in history.  The pair began working together as early as the 1920’s, and they again joined in 1956 to film The Searchers.  The Searchers is widely considered an American masterpiece of filmmaking, and the most-revered film of director John Ford. With spectacular VistaVision cinematography in Ford’s beloved locale, Monument Valley, the film captures both the beauty and the danger of isolation in the western frontier.  At the time, The Searchers was overlooked by critics and the Academy and received no Academy Award nominations.


Decades after the film’s release, film directors and critics, including Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielbert, John Milius, and George Lucas, have praised The Searchers.   Even rock musician Buddy Holly wrote a song based on John Wayne’s trademark line from The Searchers: “That’ll Be The Day,” which was popularized by the Beatles.


In the closing scene of The Searchers, with John Wayne framed in the doorway, Wayne holds his right elbow with his left hand as a tribute to Harry Carey who passed away in 1947.  Carey fans would recognize the pose as one that he often used.