The Morrisons Move West – John Wayne

The Morrisons Move West

The Morrisons Move West

The Morrisons Move WestAnnouncement Date : Jul 20 , 1907

Not long after the birth of Marion’s brother, Robert, the Morrison’s decided to make the move west to California.  Stories indicate Marion’s father developed a health ailment, and it was suggested a dry climate might help improve his condition.  Clyde’s father already made the trek to California, and invited his son and family to move west.

Clyde decided to join him in late 1913, where he took up farming, and spent time preparing the family’s homestead in the community of Lancaster, California in Antelope Valley.  Molly, Marion and Robert joined Clyde in 1914.  By the time the Morrison family settled in Lancaster, electricity was introduced in the valley, there was a new grammar school on Cedar Avenue, a new public library, and several paved streets.

Though the family tried farming and ranching for several years, following the death of Clyde’s father, the Morrison’s decided to leave their first home in California behind and moved from Lancaster, California to Glendale, California.