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John Wayne the Producer

John Wayne the Producer

John Wayne the ProducerAnnouncement Date : Jan 1 , 1947

“Angel and the Badman” (1947) found Wayne in the role of both actor and first-time producer.  As bad boy Quirt Evans, Wayne stars along with Gail Russell and regular co-stars Harry Carey and Bruce Cabot.  It was the first of many films in which Wayne would work on both sides of the camera under the banner of his own production company.


Wayne had been a contract actor at Republic Studios for eight years. He began to desire more control over his films and his roles, so he told the studio that he wanted to produce a movie himself. At this time, it was rare for leading stars to also produce.


However, Republic likely agreed to his request to work as both star and producer on the film so as not to lose Wayne to another studio.