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John Wayne Hones His Craft

John Wayne Hones His Craft

John Wayne Hones His CraftAnnouncement Date : Jan 1 , 1933

Though his first starring role did not instantly catapult Wayne to stardom, it did give him the opportunity to hone his craft and acting style by working on a stunning number of films – more than 70 – throughout the decade.


From playing a bank employee to Barbara Stanwyck’s Lily in the 2005 National Film Registry’s “Baby Face” (1933), to boxing his friend Ward Bond in “Conflict” (1936),] His star continued to rise as films of this time period brought him to the attention of the movie going public, especially across the heartland of America.


Throughout the 1930’s Wayne and his frequent co-stars stuntman Yakima Canutt and regular western sidekick George “Gabby” Hayes were often referred to as the Lone Star Stock Company because of their many on-screen pairings in these early westerns, including “Blue Steel,” “The Man From Utah,” “Randy Rides Alone,” “The Star Packer” The Lawless Frontier,” and “Neath the Arizona Skies.”

Also during this time period, Wayne’s Stony Brooke character starred in a number of titles.  Though the storyline and shenanigans would change, Wayne and his co-stars would portray the same characters from film to film.

The 1930’s also brought Wayne the new role of husband and father.  To remain close to the motion picture industry and a steady job during the country’s slow recovery during the economic depression, the family made their home in Los Angeles.